The Complexity of Chronic Illness

Have you been to every doctor? Tried every diet and detox? Maybe you’ve spent thousands of dollars on protocols, supplements, and treatments or have have listened to all the experts give advice on healing and wellness and yet the simple problem remains: you’re still sick.

This is one of my favorite topics because it is so personal to me. I’ve struggled my entire life with chronic illness. Everything I listed above, I’ve tried. I’ve read the books, bought the supplements, tried the diets, and undergone the tests. So if I can shorten your path to feeling better by a day, a week, year or decades, that is my intention.

SO Many of Us Are Sick…Very Sick

Here’s the reality. Many people who suffer from chronic illness are told this is just something that happens. And in some cases, that’s absolutely true. Western medicine has identified a connection between chronic illness and lifestyle. The Center for Disease Control (CDC)  has estimated that 6 in 10 Americans live with some sort of chronic disease. That’s more than half of the population!

But this is not just an American phenomenon. The University of Oxford conducted a population-based study to show that 1 in 10 people deal with autoimmune diseases.

What I can share is what I’ve seen in my life. Illness is rampant. When you consider that putting ten strangers in a room means that statistically 6 of those people suffer from some type of chronic disease… Those numbers are staggering. First of all, why are so many of us feeling so ill? And why is it that the medical models we currently have don’t seem to fix the problems?

If you’ve suffered long-term, chronic health issues, you’re probably like me. Maybe you’ve gone years and years hearing that your symptoms are all in your head. Or you received some diagnosis such as an autoimmune condition, but were told there is no safe or reliable treatment available. After years of suffering with no intervention available, is it surprising that most chronically ill people feel hopeless, alone, and isolated?

My story is like so many others I’ve heard. After being born with a cleft palate and lip and undergoing extensive surgeries and therapies a child, I grew up to suffer from chronic fatigue, viruses, and a systemic bacterial infection that ultimately progressed into Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation. Those are a lot of words to say I felt awful every single day. Truly awful.

Trigger/Content Warning

I want to share my honest experience, but also want to be respectful of who you are and make sure you have information to take care of yourself so you can decide when and how to read. I’m going to mention some topics here that might be triggering or difficult, so if you would prefer to move ahead, skip ahead to the next section, please.

After years of suffering with no relief in sight, I experienced thoughts that took me into a very dark place. Self-harm, suicide… The idea of waking up every single day without being able to live my life was more than I could stand. This went on for years and I was exhausted.

What I Tried and What Failed

I searched high and low, tried every treatment, diet, and protocol, but nothing worked. Some supplements might temporarily alleviate a symptom or two, but long-term, nothing I tried was effective.

I began to wonder if the problem wasn’t in what I was doing, taking, trying, but in what I was overlooking. I started asking different questions to get to the bottom of how to heal a body that seemed broken.

I discovered a paper written by AMIT SHARMA, 2AWADHESH KUMAR MAURYA at the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, India College of Engineering and Technology.

The study examined how feelings affect the frequency of each organ of the body. If you assume the body is made of energy and you think in terms of energy, then when we’re going through our life having all of these experiences every day. That means that every single day, we have hundreds or potentially thousands of experiences.

If the body is made of energy, then the frequency of your experiences have an impact on the body. If you lower something’s frequency, then you slow the energy movement down and the energy becomes slower and denser. And as that happens, then motion and flow become harder. If you raise the frequency, then the energy becomes lighter and more active and flowing.

If we go through the day having low-vibration experiences throughout the day, then the energy in our body that day is dense and slow. I believe that lower frequency contributes to disease and illness. But if we have high vibration experiences throughout our day, then our energy is lighter and more open and flowing which promotes wellness and wholeness.

Can We Influence Our Energetic Vibrations?

In order to be in optimal health, I want my frequency as high as possible.

Think about all of the advice you hear constantly about how to optimize your health: drink a lot of water so that it can move stuff throughout the body. Be physically active so we can move stuff through the body. What happens when we are physically active? We keep energy flowing in various different capacities!

The whole idea is to keep the organism of the body in movement or a state of motion. That’s how it functions at its maximum potential.

Ideally, I would love to have every day filled with high vibrations, but that isn’t how life works.

Once you have low vibration experiences or undergo catastrophic events that could be low vibration experiences, you eventually those bring your overall frequency down. Any experience that moves the body into fight-or-flight is essentially moving the body out of balance and that causes the frequency to drop.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says in his book, Becoming Supernatural, “…When this imbalance is maintained long-term, chances are we are headed for disease, because long term stress down regulates the healthy expression of genes.”

What that says to me is that if I suddenly lose my job, then my frequency is obviously going to go down. That could create a cycle of imbalance that can lead to me feeling badly or even becoming chronically ill.

This has been my exact experience. I knew I felt terrible. And I tried every modality, every diet, every supplement, every doctor, every naturopath… I tried everything I could find to help turn the physical symptoms around to no avail.

Nothing worked until I changed myself. When I changed the way I saw life, changed the way that I spoke to myself, and changed the thoughts that I was thinking, I started to move out of a state of illness and disease and into wholeness.

Try This Technique

Once I realized the connection between my thoughts, the vibrations of my energy, and the positive impact a shift in thoughts and beliefs could have, I paid attention to my thoughts. Not only that, but I developed a strategy to stop the negative self-talk and spiral of flight-or-fight as soon as it started.

As soon as I realized that I was thinking that my body was born compromised and this is just how it is, sick and unwell, I would immediately say out loud, “Cancel!”

I cancelled that negative, low-vibration thought and replaced it with a true, high-vibration statement, such as: my body is well and strong. I did this over and over and over again. Eventually my body started believing me and I started getting well. And not just getting well–I felt the changes in my body.

For me, cancelling negative and disruptive thoughts and replacing them with positive, high-vibration affirmations was just the start of the process into wholeness and truly improved health. I believe nothing can change until we think differently. You have to master this part of the work. Because this is so important, this is the only step of the process that I will discuss today, but stop back and read more as I go deeper into this topic. I am not a doctor. What I provide is not medical advice, so please, if you need medical attention, get it. But trust there are things you can do to help yourself. To heal yourself.

Can you start today? By noticing how you think and what you tell yourself? Can you cancel negative thoughts and replace them with thoughts that promote even the slightest improvement in your mindset? I truly believe you will feel the difference in your body.

If you feel like this information was helpful, please share with your friends. And please stop back often, comment on this post, and listen to my podcast for more stories and inspiration. I want to help you Live Beyond your Limits!

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