The Complexity of Chronic Illness

Have you been to every doctor? Tried every diet and detox? Maybe you’ve spent thousands of dollars on protocols, supplements, and treatments or have have listened to all the experts give advice on healing and wellness and yet the simple problem remains: you’re still sick. This is one of my favorite topics because it is […]

The Power of Radical Acceptance: Embracing the Present Moment

We all want relief. Think about that again. Our society is consumed by the search for something: security, stability, happiness, comfort. That’s why we buy the fifth pair of flip flops, eat the third donut, have the fourth glass of wine, work the 60th hour this week, and exercise to the point of exhaustion. We […]

How Our Thoughts Influence Our Feelings

Our bodies are miracles. But they aren’t “smart.”  It’s true! The connection between our thoughts and the way we feel has been extensively studied. You probably understand what flight or fight means. Simply put, our bodies have evolved to follow the instructions our deepest subconscious thoughts put out.  We may not be running from sabretooth […]

Why Do We Use and How Do We Stop?

Addiction is the thief of dreams and good intentions. It is stigmatized in the US as a moral failing. It doesn’t discriminate against socioeconomic status, race, gender, or cultural background. It infiltrates families and destroys lives both for the addict and the people that love them. My intention for our time today is to get […]

Elephants and Gates

There is such tremendous freedom in being honest. I’m not referring to “getting too much change back at the cash register” kind of honesty.  I’m talking about that feeling of an elephant standing on your chest, and then you say what you feel or think and the elephant moves a foot off the left lobe […]

Coming Out

I have been attracted to women for as long as I can remember. It came naturally to me, just as naturally as breathing. There wasn’t a time in my life that I actively chose to like women; it simply is who I am. I do remember thinking this attraction was a terrible thing. Everything about […]

Getting Sober

On the morning of March 25 th , 2003, I came to still drunk from the night before. Let’s face it, I hadn’t drawn a sober breath in years. But this morning was different. I had a meeting scheduled with the biggest client I had ever managed to arrange —and I looked and felt like I had […]

Podcast from The Risk Show Live from New York City

Hey, guys!  Recently I had the amazing opportunity to share my story in the big leagues.  What an honor to work with such amazing professionals.  It was a tremendous experience and I would love your comments and feedback.  I would also appreciate it if you would take the time to share it.  Thanks so much! […]