Transcend Your Story.

Marcy Langlois is nobody’s victim. And neither are you.

Born with a cleft lip and palate, Marcy’s childhood was marked by an excruciating series of surgical procedures—23 in all before the age of 18. Because she looked and talked different than other kids, she was relentlessly teased and bullied. Her journey into adulthood was marked by challenging, traumatic, and downright tragic waypoints: coming out as a queer woman, involvement in a multiple-fatality car accident, and a devastating descent into addiction and chronic illness.

Though she got off to a rough start in life, Marcy has discovered one thing: that no matter what obstacles are in your path, Living Beyond Your Limits is not just a dream—it’s infinitely possible.

Your life is filled with infinite possibility. Get to know Marcy and learn how to grow, heal, and thrive so every day you’re able to Live Beyond Your Limits. And get the support you deserve to understand why you should.